Who dresses your dog?

There is really only one logical answer to the above question. Let's face it, the old "she insists on dressing herself" line really only works when "she" is a small human.....unless your dog is Lily, that is.

To set the stage a little, we were without electricity for 16 hours yesterday, which means no heat for 16 hours. As we were "roughing it" by going out for dinner, we met our new favorite person in the world, the dude who fixed the burnt line across the way. Yes, I said "across the way." Little Boy Blue and myself were so excited because this meant we didn't have to borrow my father in law's generator AND we didn't have to go drop $200 on a big heater so our pipes wouldn't freeze overnight. What you're probably wondering about now is how do you keep a tiny yorkipoo warm on such a day.....

Well, you let her dress herself....

Who DOESN'T dress up like a jack-o-lantern in February? Come on! In all seriousness, it's her only outfit with a hood. There, the truth has set me free.

Today's outfit:

I couldn't resist.


  1. lol, this is hilarious! I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award at Eat. Sleep. Create.

  2. I've passed the versatile blogger award on to you... Please make sure to pass it along to 15 NEW bloggers that you like =D