Gift From My Husband

Hope all LGTB followers had a fabulous Easter weekend, all 83 of you! I still can't believe that real people read this. It's wild.

One day while we were on a roll getting projects done around the house, Justin decided to TCOB. Now, if you're inside of my head, you know that means "take care of business." If you're not in my head, you may still know what I'm referring to. Either way, he went to his dad's amazing shop and made this beauty. What, you don't like it?

Perhaps it will make more sense in a moment...

I discovered a beautious, hardware-less toilet paper contraption while perusing the GDub aisles one day. Well, aren't you going to ask me what I paid? Forty-seven cents. Thank. You. Very. Much. Despite looking at me that day like I had three heads, my husband came through for me..without me even asking, I might add. I heart him.



One day, while lounging in elastic pants, I realized that something was missing when I caught a glimpse of the kitchen bench out of the corner of my eye. It lacked a certain element of - what's the word I'm looking for -


PEACOCK! Since there is no moss growing under my bottom, I used the next chance I had to head to my trusty friend, Jo-Ann, for some much needed help. Who would have known - for $2.99 (for a pack of two feathers) before usings a 40% off coupon, my friend had just what I had been looking for. The heart wants what it wants. That day, friends, my heart got what it wanted.

I feel so much better. So does that trusty bench.


Gaudy Monogram and Closet Visions...

What do you get when you take this...
and add this?

First, you get this...

..and then you get this!

It's a bit much AND I LOVE IT! All I needed was hot glue and fabric....and scissors. This gaudy M will be residing in my future closet, where anything furry and gaudy will always be welcome....including a matching gaudy chair (no, it's not finished yet) and ottoman. YIKES! I can't wait. The M was $3 and I already had the fabric so it was an affordable, gaudy project.

In other news, Jo-Ann's has 50% off of their Easter items right now. Score. I spotted a ceramic piece and immediately thought it was adorable, but had no idea what I would use it for. That's when my brilliant friend had an idea that I ran with.

She said it would be perfect for storing earrings and other jewelry in. Cute, right? At this point I had a flashback to a YHL post where we were introduced to Sherry's little egg holder thingy on her dresser. In the spirit of giving recognition to those who deserve it, the gaudy M was actually my friend's brilliant idea also. She was just on a roll that day. I'm going to keep asking her for her opinion on a daily basis.

So .... here's a little sneak peek of a piece that will be implemented into the closet:

This is the $15 bunk bed ladder that I transformed from "foak" to fabulous.

And one last item that will be in my closet, I am sure, from time to time....

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating


What do you get.....

.......when you add some animal print, upholstery tacks and hot glue?


I had this less-than-$5 chair sitting around collecting dust when I could have been transforming it this whole time. Who knew hot glue could fix ugly?! I sure didn't until I was reintroduced to some innovative blogs. Apparently people have been doing this .... like, for awhile now!

I don't want to bore you with logistics so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I'll have more details tonight when I HOPEFULLY finish this little piece of eye candy.


Master Closet makeover in the works - BIG PLANS, PEOPLE!

Home Gym Makeover - MORE big plans.


Coming up next on my deuglifying list:

Yikes. I better get busy.



Jacob's Ladder

I've been doing really well with this whole consignment thing at the Bargain Barn. The first time I cashed out my account I made $15. My stuff had only been there for like a day and a half. This time I called first because I wasn't sure I had even sold anything and my account ended up being at $27.25. I tried playing it cool over the phone, but inside my heart was skipping around like a giddy, little school girl. That is only 50% of what my items sold for so they are making some pennies off of me. I decided to stop over last evening and pick up my moolah, not of course before I took a looksey around.

I didn't find any treasures on the first floor, but I did spot some of my own things that were for sale. This got me thinking, what did I sell to earn that money? Maybe it was all clothes. Who knows. Who cares. When I got to the second floor, I found a few nice pieces of furniture, but I just didn't have any plans or space for them so I resisted temptation, delayed gratification and pushed onward. That was when it happened. Like a cement wall to the forehead, it hit me hard. It was leaning up against the walls of the barn....and that, folks, is when I fell in love with a $15 ladder. Is anyone else singing a T-Pain song right now? I introduced myself to this fine looking piece and it was then that she told me her old owners would walk all over her every day. It was a hard life, no doubt, but I promised her no one would EVER walk on her again at her new home because I had big plans for her. HUGE. She would no longer be a device used for children getting into their stacked beds. That's right, she was once a bunk bed ladder, but no longer, baby.

Would you like to meet her? I slept on it (not the ladder) and finally came up with a name: Gladys-the-Lattice.Gladys was so excited when I announced she would be getting a facelift. Here is a sneak peek..

Oh, what's that? You want to know where she's going? I'll give you a few hints...

Stay tuned for a Gladys update!

P.S. New favorite blog - Greige. If you haven't checked it out, you totally should.

P.S.S. I'll leave you with a precious photo of my canine offspring