Shortest post in history of blogs.

What once was dead red.....
.....is now alive brown!

This baby went from being our junior to being our master!

ox- tiff


Big changes in the dining room!!!

Since some painting and moulding projects will be tackled in the coming days weeks, I wanted to celebrate how far our dining room has come so far.

I would like to introduce you to the three stages of my dining room table:


I sanded with my handy little sander and used a semi-gloss paint on the table.
No primer, no sealer. That's how I roll.

Here's a sneak peek of another addition to the dining room......

Two of those bad boys...

Go ahead and cue the choir singing "Hallelujah"....

and yet another addition.....

two of thoooose bad boys

...annnnnnd there may be a little bit of this:

It's a Christmas miracle!!!!!!!

ox - tiff


How much fun can you have in a coat closet.....

I'm talking about PAINTING in a closet. What did you think? Get your mind out of the gutter.

After replacing our foyer floor recently, I decided our coat closet was not quite up to par. Since I don't let moss grow under my tush too often, I got the job done.

Let's take a look at the before, shall we:
Of course I forgot to take a before shot. Once I realized my mistake, I took a picture of the one unpainted wall that was left. I removed the wire rack that you hang coats and things on before I started. I carefully taped around the hardware that supports the thing that supports the coats...that support our body temperature. Too much? Okay. Moving on. I love me a good progress shot:
Once it was painted, I searched through my closets and closets full of decorations my single decor bin for something that would be JUUUUUUUUST right for this little nook.

I think I found it!

Of course my tiffany blue teal Dyson belongs in this closet, but I didn't want you to know that.

ox - tiff


My big girl laundry room!

As you are aware, my house, adorned with its brass doorknobs and other various demon fixtures of the 90's, was lacking any sense of style. One of the most depressing rooms to me was always the laundry room. I am lucky enough to have a tiny laundry room, period. I am pretty darn lucky to have a laundry room on the first floor, which is where our master bedroom is located. Last but not least, I am SUPER lucky to have a laundry room located in such a place that visitors could mistake it as the powder room. NOT.

After a few minutes months and months of trying to convince my husband that he would have clean underwear more often if he allowed me to indulge myself and fix what was broken in the laundry room, I sat down and pondered. I thought of every gaudy, naked detail of that room and made a list of what I would like to see in that room. It looked something like this:

1. less white

2. less oak

3. less space above cabinets

4. less white

5. stripes

4. less white

You get the picture :  )

So...after visiting the miniature Lowe's that I stack on the basement steps happily organized in the basement, I settled on the appropriate paint colors and the taping/measuring torture fun started. There's something you should know about me, I'm a closet "eyeballer." Yes, it's a very technical term. I was diagnosed at a young age. Luckily, it's treatable. Medication ranges from liquid nails to paintable latex caulk. Thank God there is a cure! Seriously, thank you, Jesus. Luckily, it usually works out in my favor...tee hee. Love you, Justin.

So once I got started eyeballing meticulously measuring the stripes, it was easy peasy!
one stripe...
two stripes...
(notice the old parquet in the foyer/hallway - more to come on that soon)
three stripes...
FOUR! (DISCLAIMER: I have yet to finish the fourth and final stripe. I know, I'm horrible. I'm the worst kind of horrible, I'm an eyeballin' project hopper. Gah.

After my stripes were unfinished finished, I glanced at my list and saw that I mentioned something about less oak....Hm, I can't remember why I would write such a thing like that. Then it hit me...it hit me hard.

I used the same semi gloss paint on the cabinets that I used for the lighter of the stripes. I soon realized after the first coat and addition of new hardware, I was falling in love...
And the big picture...complete with tiffany blue jar to hold love notes from your husband reminding you why you wash his underwear dog biscuits.

That's all folks.

Let's see that before one more time.

Yeah, I think I'll keep her....

I was inspired by many of the beautiful laundry rooms out there in Blogland, but are you aware there are still many a laundry room suffering from uglyitis?  Do what you can to help by posting your laundry room redo today! You never know when you'll inspire someone :  )

All of the paint for this project was on hand. I spent a couple of dollars on the milk glass and blue jar at a consignment shop. The new hardware was on sale for pennies, PENNIES, I tell you.