Is this thing on? I call this... "Mini board & batten remix."

Before I proceed, I would like to thank my lone follower: Amy Storm from Storm Cloud Nine. She's my girl! And a big shout out to her blog-editing husband, Mike. It is my dream to have three or four followers in the next 5 years, but my dreams aren't important here. We're here to talk about my head case of a house.

Moving on....

A long, long time ago in a world where people adored brass fixtures and fake wood, there was a guest bathroom that completely lacked any and all design elements. Said bathroom was filled with dingy walls, equally dingy flooring, a builder grade vanity and those horrible round lights. Yes, some of you feel or have felt my pain at one time or another. So without really telling my husband what I was doing, because we all know gaining his permission could have slowed production, I began my first room makeover.
DISCLAIMER: Fake wood can work, but trust me, this vanity wasn't workin. Uh-uh. Nope.

Okay. So I guess from now on I can't use pictures from my iphone. They are dwarfed. Anywho, what better time to learn how to hang wallpaper than the present? Those people who say it is hard, yeah, they're crazy. Anyone can do this. Right? Well, kinda right. My prepasted bead board wallpaper hung the right way once a friend gave me some paste activator. Who knew you needed that? Not me. Luckily, I planned on covering the seams so I didn't have to freak out about being able to see them.

After I FINALLY had all of the wallpaper hung, my husband and I hung the chair rail cap. I liked the thin chair rail look in this room so the cap worked by itself, plus I'm cheap. Did I mention that before my husband decided to help me, I had the chair rail on the wall with regular nails?  Ooppsiee

Needless to say, he insisted on helping me remove it from the wall and do it the right way.

The color I used on the wall is Oyster Shell by Olympic. I likey, but wait till you see how it turned out on my vanity. Not thrilled with it. It looks better than it did, but I have my eye on a vanity at Home Depot if it sounds like we'll ever have guests again. We hung lattice strips over the wallpaper seams. It was super easy. We used liquid nails and a finish nail or two
I added shoe trim to the top of my base moulding. Weird, I know, but it adds a little something. Don't you think?
After everything was up and painted, I moved all of the extras back in and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I spray painted my chrome towel holder and two towel bars oil rubbed bronze. Couldn't be happier with my low budget revamp. I used a semi gloss trim paint on the wallpaper and moulding and a satin paint on the wall above. I was pretty set on the white part being glossier than the top section so satin was the right choice for me. Yeah, yeah, satin paint in a bathroom, get over it!
Here's a photo of the vanity that didn't exactly turn out like I had hoped:

It almost has a green color to it.

The inspiration for this room came from a $4 shower curtain from a local thrift store.
I spent $20 on decor, including the towels and hardware.
Paint and moulding cost $40 for this project.

Well, this marks the end of my first post, but the beginning of my blogging! Have a great weekend Amy and Mike :  )

ox - tiff