Gaudy Monogram and Closet Visions...

What do you get when you take this...
and add this?

First, you get this...

..and then you get this!

It's a bit much AND I LOVE IT! All I needed was hot glue and fabric....and scissors. This gaudy M will be residing in my future closet, where anything furry and gaudy will always be welcome....including a matching gaudy chair (no, it's not finished yet) and ottoman. YIKES! I can't wait. The M was $3 and I already had the fabric so it was an affordable, gaudy project.

In other news, Jo-Ann's has 50% off of their Easter items right now. Score. I spotted a ceramic piece and immediately thought it was adorable, but had no idea what I would use it for. That's when my brilliant friend had an idea that I ran with.

She said it would be perfect for storing earrings and other jewelry in. Cute, right? At this point I had a flashback to a YHL post where we were introduced to Sherry's little egg holder thingy on her dresser. In the spirit of giving recognition to those who deserve it, the gaudy M was actually my friend's brilliant idea also. She was just on a roll that day. I'm going to keep asking her for her opinion on a daily basis.

So .... here's a little sneak peek of a piece that will be implemented into the closet:

This is the $15 bunk bed ladder that I transformed from "foak" to fabulous.

And one last item that will be in my closet, I am sure, from time to time....

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  1. I luv it! I don't care what anyone says...animal print makes me sooooo happy!