Dressing up Doggy Stairs

Our bed has always been a little on the high side, but when we recently put hardwood in the boudoir, we noticed a signifigant increase in height. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's all in my head our heads, maybe we adjusted something without knowing it, but whatever the case, it is what it is. I don't particularly care. I would climb a ladder to go to bed as long as the sheets felt like butter. This increase in height isn't necessarily a hardship, unless you are under four feet. For smaller canine breeds, however, our bed may be out of the question, which I guess is a good thing if little baby wolves break into our house while we're sleeping. Alas, I pray every night that such an event will not occur.

While explaining this situation to my mom, she mentioned that she had doggy steps that weren't being used.

Enter, unattractive doggy steps.

After about a week, Lily started using these things non stop. They're part of the family now. There is no turning back. They even have a nickname, "Steppies." If you add the"ly" or "ies" ending to any word, she will listen. Thrown in some chicken, she's your friend for life.

One little plasticy, cheap carpet problem.....they're fugly.

Enter, my mom with bright ideas.
My mom spotted this faux fur blanket on the bed and thought we should try draping it over the "Steppies."

I complied and it has been there ever since. What do you think? Goodbye, scary beige pastic steps covered by cheap carpet. Hello, beautiful.
Lily now insists that we refer to her as: "Your Highness" or "Your Majesty" or "Lily Benedict Von Stucke Hermoine."

...drama queen


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