Did you ever have a project that just stopped you in your tracks? Did you ever have a project that was painful to tackle, but you knew you couldn't move on to something else until it was completed?


Previously, this is what our french doors looked like..

Their beauty was covered in primed plastic, which must be peeled off.......one little glass square. at. a. time.

Moving on.

I finally realized there can be a method to this madness. After using a knife to lift a tiny spot that you can pull, it works best if you pull from underneath with your hand. If you just rip piece by piece, it is messier (which is hard for me to picture right now) and takes 30 times longer.

Let me explain with a picture..

It is like you're pulling a baby calf out of that window. You do it ever so gently and then all of a sudden, bam, the whole window is beautiful glass!

At that point I had NINE done! Only 51 more to go...YEA! Wait .. 51 more? Yeah, that's right. You have to do both sides of both doors before you can use your special eyes to peer through those beautiful doors and see what is on the other side. This has taken me a year longer than what I thought. When I say a year, I mean two weeks, but still.

So..I used my special hands to peel, pull and push away.

Here'y my mess to prove it..
I looked ridiculous or I would have been in this picture. I was covered in the white, plasticy remnants. It was like the blizzard of 2010 in my dining room.

Here was my final product.
I finished one side of one door and that was enough.

I plan on getting started a little earlier tonight so I can work longer and accomplish more because, let's face it, I have other things I want to do.

Only 45 to go!

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  1. I have never seen that before. Very interesting! Good luck on that project! Can't wait to see it when you are done! Johnnie