taste of the dining room..

After Justin scored this set of french doors for only $75 big ones, this is what our dining room looked like:

After one afternoon of our friend Troy working his magic, here's the current look:

I'm one step closer to my dining dreams! Ahhh. It feeeeels goooood.

I am truly amazed how yellow the white in this house was. You couldn't tell until we started painting the trim. After the dining room is done, we're down to only two rooms in the entire house being the original yellowish white, the room we use as a gym, or in my case, the room I don't use as a gym, and the kitchen. Of all places, the kitchen. Isn't that nuts? I'm not counting the closets, but I hope to slowly repaint them after these bigger projects are completed. Nothing like a freshly painted closet : )

ox - tiff

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