blank canvas

Lily welcomes you....

....to daddy's office

Come on in!

These bad boys need some work and some paint. I'm in love though. We scored these doors for $75. Sadly, a local building supply store went out of business and my husband found these there. That's why we didn't care about having to add some wood around the frame. I think the molding will be fantabulous when it's completed, especially on the other side in the dining room. And, yes, the white stuff covering the glass is just to protect it from paint. I'll remove it after the doors are painted.

This desk will be painted in the near future, but not before the kitchen cabinets.

This is what the frenchies looked like pre-molding. My father in law and husband had to compensate for lack of wall on that one side and I we decided instead of the messy process of adding drywall, we'd use the biggest molding we could find. I actually bought baseboard trim that was about 8 inches tall and that's what you saw above.

Here are the walls, before steeple grey came into their lives...you sweet, little, dirty, naked walls, you!

I can't even be mad at these white blobs because they look so good now.

Um, yeah. Like I always say, it's a work in progress so that light will be fixed later.

ox - tiff

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