living room design

So as far as our living room goes, you know, just the little room that we spend 75% of our time at home in, we really haven't done that much. I decided since Husby was going away for a few days, I should take this time to figure out what I want to do and invest in some projects to make the room seem larger and more welcoming. Rarely ever does anyone use our front door, which means they enter through our garage and directly into the living room. I'm envisioning some gorge. board and batten, a few dainty hooks for coats and such right inside the door and maybe even some horizontal stripes. We'll just have to see. I don't want to go overboard on the visual stimulation, but then again, who am I kidding, yes I do.

So here is my template. I'm going to pick out a thin batten to make the "cord hider" - very technical terms here, stay with me - under the TV blend in. I'll paint it like all of the other battens and you'll never know the difference...except YOU will because I just told you what I'm doing. I'm going to do a thick board on top. I don't think I want anything fancy with a ledge, but I definitely want thick. Of course, the grey that you see in the other 90% of the first floor will be above the molding. You know the drill, iPhone pictures.

Please excuse my not so straight tape lines. And not to worry, my b&b will not be electric blue, rather a nice glossy white. You may be confused by my mixing of not so traditional things with semi traditional wall treatments. I love craftsman anything. I don't follow the rule of your entire house being one style and not mixing and matching. I think our houses should be filled with what we love. I love a little bit of everything so this is what works for me. As for my husband, well, as long as he has clean underwear, he's happy. I believe we touched on that in the laundry room redo post. He could not care less about the things that grace the walls and halls of our home. Gosh, I love him.

So back to the plan. This is phase one. Phase two involves constructing a frame for the TV out of two simple pieces of baseboard like we used around the french doors. Depending on how the b&b looks, I may not do the frame. I might love it without. We shall see.

Stay classy, blogland.

P.S. Anyone out there rooting for Brad & Emily? Anyone out there not care?

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