Livin' Large....

Okay, not really..BUT my living room doubled. Not spatially (That sounds like it might be a word, right?), but visually it feels SO much bigger & better. If you're asking why, perhaps you didn't see my last post. If that's the case, maybe you should get on that.

So here's the first wall in the living room in its present status:

And here is what it looked like until mid afternoon today: (The painter's tape hasn't been on the wall for an extended period of time....just a good 14-16 hours, that's all.)

Here's my blank canvas a long, long time ago..way before this idea was even born:

Duh. Winning. Yes, I just went there. Prepare yourself for one final Charlie reference at the bottom. I'm so sick of hearing his name, but the things he said....so ridiculous. I'm getting rid of the plain walls one boring room at a time!

I'm very excited about the b&b because even though I put paint on the wall, it lightened up the room and made it feel bigger. I don't know how it is possible, but I wouldn't joke about a thing like this. I used lattice as the battens..they were $5.12 each, which is why I lowered my design. Because of this minor change, I could get two battens out of each lattice strip. Score. For the top board, I used window casing and then stacked another piece of casing on top of it. I hung it with one thick side on the bottom and one thick side on the top. Do ya follow? It's a no brainer for me to use chair rail because when you buy a contractor pack at Lowe's, it comes out to like $2.25 for each 7 foot piece. Plus, I don't go to Lowe's without a coupon. I save $10 on every $50 I spend there, that's 20% off ON TOP of the already insanely reasonable price. I, of course, used 10% off coupons when we replaced all of our appliances a year or two ago. Good times with coupons.

Moving on, I mentioned in the previous living room post that a tv frame may be phase two. I'm so skipping that, even though I'm dying to use silver leaf on something..ANYTHING. The new phase two may be kickin' the parquet out and tiling that little area right inside the door from the garage. I'm still not done with phase one so I WILL complete (sweaty forehead) that before moving on. Ahem. I promise I will finish phase one before moving on. There. I said it and I meant it.

Seacrest. Out. That was a throwback to old school American Idol in case you didn't get it. Man, I feel like a rock star from Mars.

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  1. You rocked the socks off that living room! I hope you finish phase one so we can see it in it's glory! Thanks for linking up to Try it Tuesday at DotDotDot! I will be featuring this!
    Have a happy Monday!
    P.S. My hubby's new line that he stole from mr.Sheen is the rockstar from Mars one, he literally says it after he does anything! lol!