tour of the foyer

I figured since the painting of our foyer will be done - fingers crossed -soon, we should take a moment to reflect upon the whiteness, emptiness, ugly brass light & doorknobness (except for the previously orb'd knobs) that will be until it is painted once was. In case you're wondering, we moved all of the contents out of this area so it could be turned into a workspace for our painter.

I call this: ♪♫♪ Ode To Foyer ♪♫♪ 
No need to turn your volume up, it's a song of pictures.

She's too cute for words..

..unlike this light fixture. Yeah, I could find a few words for it. We're replacing it with a chandelier that my mom bought us as a Christmas gift 2 years ago. Yeah, 2 years ago. We knew we would paint the foyer in the near future, and we didn't exactly have a safe way of changing a light fixture 17.5 feet in the air.

Your eyes are not deceiving you, our doors need to be repainted as well as the remaining brass doorknobs. The doors will be bright white to match the trim. It will look glorious with my favorite greige, Woodlawn Colonial Gray, on the walls. I have big plans for the wooden railing and spindles. Yikes! I hope to get to it as soon as the other painting is done.

A quick shoutout to my husband who puts up with all of my ideas and messes. As T.I. says, "I know what I got at home. I ain't gon never leave that." 

ox - tiff

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  1. She really is too cute for words! I was just looking at your "bloggy doggy" photos. What a sweetie :)