Let There Be Light!

My kitchen is a monster. I have some big things coming up in that part of the house, but not right this second. There is waaay too much other stuff going on inside the place we call home, BUT....that doesn't mean I can't replace a tiny, little glass globe for a tiny, little pendant light over my tiny, little sink.

check it, yo...
Of course, in this before picture I had already unscrewed the glass globe a little before I realized I needed a picture of that crazy thing. It's very manly to me. That light fixture was a good deal though. It's one of those conversion kits to transform a recessed light to a pendant light. I paid $9, but it was originally $29 or more. I can't recall exactly.

Moving on.....

It now looks like this, dun dun DUNNNNNN!

Here she is...in all her speckled brown glory:

There will be an entire kitchen overhaul one of these days. The important part is already done. We've gone stainless. Pheeeew! That's done, but I have some painting to do, cabinets and walls. Did I mention there will be lots of painting? I've neglected this room for so long and can't wait to get to work on all that wood. There's SO much wood. It's everywhere in there. It gives me a headache..a wood headache.

I paid $12 for this glass beauty. I would have paid more, but don't tell her that.

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  1. LOVE that light!
    Also wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award over at my blog!