chalk it up to good luck

On one of my past adventures to the local Christmas Tree Shop, I found a gem in the clearance section. I don't know if you have a Christmas Tree Shop or know much about their clearance section, but ours is full of little beauties that are marked "no need to check out" way down and then they take an ADDITIONAL 90% off of that lower price. This particular item was marked down to $2.97, and I received an additional 90% off of that. Yes, you read what I said, I paid 30 cents for this MYSTERY PIECE. Seriously, you probably couldn't spend $5 on clearance items there if you tried.

This gem I speak of was a framed picture, large in stature with an unwavering stare. It was a country print, and country isn't. my. thing., but just like "for the right price, everything is for sale"....."for the right price, everything is fixable." I had an idea for this loverly girl.

..and this was the idea..

Since I am usually overcome by excitement once I get an idea in my head, I always usually forget to take good before photos. I took the liberty of editing this photo so that it would return to its normal state. Just picture what is shown, only with apples...lots of apples.

And there you have it. Once this little lady finds a home in my office, my Tiffany blue office, I'll update the post. At the moment, Hurricane Christmas is still lingering in the previously mentioned office.

ox - tiff

Speaking of my office, here's Lily hard at work in a sea of cords under my desk.

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