made in the shade

Before giving this lamp away and heading to the store for a new, more blingesque version, I figured why not try out the shade I found at G Dub for $2.97.

DISCLAIMER: Please excuse the mess in the background of the following pictures. The contents of my foyer have been dropped into the area between our kitchen and living room until further notice since the man, Odd Jobs Bob, is painting the foyer. (Hey - all you diy'ers give me a break, our foyer is 17.5 feet high, plus we have drywall tape popping out all over the place like it is teenage acne. Yikes.) Thank you, Bob! You are the man. Okay.

I like the rich, cream color of the new drum shade. It even has a little metallic zing to it, not to mention the barely there animal print. I don't know if the animal print is something I want to see or if it is actually there. You will never know - BAHAHA! Seriously, I think it is there. Is it me or did this $2.97 accessory change the lamp completely? The thing you see sticking out of the top of the lamp is actually a candle sconce on the wall, it's not attached to the lamp.

I know what you're thinking. Yes, I will be posting pictures of our completed foyer. Hopefully most of the work that needs to be done is done by Friday so I can post about it this weekend. The paint I chose is a nice little greige (grey/beige) color called Woodlawn Colonial Grey. The flooring in the foyer is the same tile we have in the powder room.

ox - tiff

P.S. Just for clarification, this overstuffed chair, which may be the most comfortable chair in the entire world, but it is still an overstuffed chair, resides in the man cave/husband's research center in our home.


  1. The lampshade makes a huge difference!

    We have a man cave type chair (not puffy but not my style either) and it's in the living room. ugh. lol I hated the one we had and it just recently broke and I'm not crazy about his new replacement either. Gotta compromise once in a while. ;)

    Have a great night!


  2. Roeshel - I'm glad we can feel each other's pain! You have a great night, too. I'm off to my Bachelor viewing party : )

  3. Hi Tiffiany!

    The lampshade totally updated the lamp!

    In answer to your question about my bedspread; I got it while junkin' for $14! It is a Martha Stewart spread and I blogged about it here
    where you can also see it closer up. I really like it too.


    P.S. You don't have your email associated with your blog, so it's difficult to respond to you.