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I have so much to share with all of my bloggy friends, life has just been nuts lately. I've been cleaning a lot so I could build my House Fund up again. I will reach four digits this Thursday, thank you very much. I started a big transformation in the house. I began finishing the final part of the living room wall treatment. The entire kitchen and living room = painted, but not quite complete! I've had many exciting weekends. My mom and I were invited to a super fantastic event in Harrisburg, called Derby Day. It was so much fun. I even made a hat. Seriously, I felt like I was going to the Royal Wedding. There have been a few birthdays, one of which belonged to my husband. We had a cute, little family taco night at our home. Life has been so much fun lately that I haven't stopped to write about it. Please forgive me.

Around 1 p.m. on Saturday, my mom, grandma and I embarked on a surprise trip to a b&b....City House!

For some ridiculous reason, some of my pictures aren't working so if you're curious, here is an online photo gallery - B&B gallery

AH-mazing. (I actually booked the same room we stayed in for my birthday, my sweet husband's idea. Love him.) My mom rented three of the four beautiful rooms and surprised my grandma with all of her closest friends to celebrate her birth. At the end of the day, there were six of us. This place is like a Pottery Barn showroom. We had the most amazing time. The two best restaurants we experienced this weekend were Sammy's and Mangia Qui. Brunch upstairs at Mangia Qui is to die for. We did also eat at the Fire House, where I dined on an appetizer that consisted of chicken wrapped in chili encrusted bacon with some kind of tangy and delicious sauce drizzled all over the plate. I'm still hungover from all of the delicious food. Did I mention my mom surprised everyone with rickshaw rides?

She's crazy like that. The drivers drove us along Front Street and across the bridge to City Island, where they were celebrating Armed Forces Day and we saw an Apache, a Black Hawk, and the big daddy, a chinook, take off into the sky! OMWord. The chinook literally looked bigger than a schoolbus. It was amazing. The leaves were blowing off the trees as we were told to move back. It was so cool to see, especially since my uncle is a Marine Officer at the base in Okinawa.

Very cool indeed. Did I mention that I surprised my grandma and her friends with a private tour of the State Capitol? Our security department at work is full of very nice people. Some of the women hadn't been there since grade school so that was a lot of fun.

Um, I seriously need to get ready for work....

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