I guess there's a roadtrip in my future...

I was so excited to find out that I could purchase the DOMSJO double bowl sink from Ikea online.....dun dun dun.....

It's JUST the splash of white I need to comingle with my white subway tile.
Preliminary shipping costs
Merchandise total for order
.....until I entered my zip to calculate the shipping cost and realized it was MORE than the sink itself. Not to worry, I will have this sink. I would much rather use my husband's company car to DRIVE there and pick it up myself. Thank you very much. I definitely won't be leaving emtpy handed. I'm sure I'll find another thing...or two...or twenty. I plan on calling ahead to make sure they have at least a sink or two in stock so I don't have to pull a Mariah Carey when I get there and the shelves are naked.
P.S. The kitchen cabinets are painted and I'm in LOOOOOOOOVE!

Here's the smaller apron sink that is also smaller in dollars. It looks pretty large in normal pictures....
See what I mean!

I'm worried that if I go to Ikea, I'll come home with this instead....
...not the entire kitchen, just the stainless apron sink. The problem is, our sink is right by the dishwasher so they have to match exactly. That's why I decided to march onward with the white. Plus, I didn't see the stainless version on the website. White will look lovely against our sparkling, white backsplash. Plus, since it goes all the way to the wall, it will save on granite costs. See, I'm being economical here!
One last photo......
I will leave you with a picture of this enormous bad boy! I want it.

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