Gift From My Husband

Hope all LGTB followers had a fabulous Easter weekend, all 83 of you! I still can't believe that real people read this. It's wild.

One day while we were on a roll getting projects done around the house, Justin decided to TCOB. Now, if you're inside of my head, you know that means "take care of business." If you're not in my head, you may still know what I'm referring to. Either way, he went to his dad's amazing shop and made this beauty. What, you don't like it?

Perhaps it will make more sense in a moment...

I discovered a beautious, hardware-less toilet paper contraption while perusing the GDub aisles one day. Well, aren't you going to ask me what I paid? Forty-seven cents. Thank. You. Very. Much. Despite looking at me that day like I had three heads, my husband came through for me..without me even asking, I might add. I heart him.

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