Jacob's Ladder

I've been doing really well with this whole consignment thing at the Bargain Barn. The first time I cashed out my account I made $15. My stuff had only been there for like a day and a half. This time I called first because I wasn't sure I had even sold anything and my account ended up being at $27.25. I tried playing it cool over the phone, but inside my heart was skipping around like a giddy, little school girl. That is only 50% of what my items sold for so they are making some pennies off of me. I decided to stop over last evening and pick up my moolah, not of course before I took a looksey around.

I didn't find any treasures on the first floor, but I did spot some of my own things that were for sale. This got me thinking, what did I sell to earn that money? Maybe it was all clothes. Who knows. Who cares. When I got to the second floor, I found a few nice pieces of furniture, but I just didn't have any plans or space for them so I resisted temptation, delayed gratification and pushed onward. That was when it happened. Like a cement wall to the forehead, it hit me hard. It was leaning up against the walls of the barn....and that, folks, is when I fell in love with a $15 ladder. Is anyone else singing a T-Pain song right now? I introduced myself to this fine looking piece and it was then that she told me her old owners would walk all over her every day. It was a hard life, no doubt, but I promised her no one would EVER walk on her again at her new home because I had big plans for her. HUGE. She would no longer be a device used for children getting into their stacked beds. That's right, she was once a bunk bed ladder, but no longer, baby.

Would you like to meet her? I slept on it (not the ladder) and finally came up with a name: Gladys-the-Lattice.Gladys was so excited when I announced she would be getting a facelift. Here is a sneak peek..

Oh, what's that? You want to know where she's going? I'll give you a few hints...

Stay tuned for a Gladys update!

P.S. New favorite blog - Greige. If you haven't checked it out, you totally should.

P.S.S. I'll leave you with a precious photo of my canine offspring

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