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I finally found the fabric of the curtains I've been hemming in my head!

I originally wanted grey and white striped for the living room and also for the area off the kitchen since they're connected, but I started to think they were a little too country strong...as much as I love them in other homes. Catch my G Paltrow shoutout? Joy to the freaking world. I stumbled upon this fabric online and picked it up 25 minutes later at Hancock Fabrics. It is more blue in person so I love it even more than this picture. The shapes feel modern and even a little retro to me with their rounded corners. I'm very excited because my new thing is mixing patterns, textures and adding more color to our rooms. I think I had just had it with the very neutral curtains. I think I had a YHL moment...not to compare myself to those masterminds. Did I mention this slice of Heaven was half off? Yeah, that's right. I paid $9.99 a yard without a coupon. Yea! Here is my current collage of going ons in the loving room.
 I need new rods and hem tape before I introduce you to the new guys..even though they're up already. That's not happening just yet since I have granite guys coming Monday to make a template. I'm so excited I could soil myself squeal. Until Monday, the House Fund is frozen...happily frozen. I can't believe this is actually happening. I feel like I was on the Ellen show and won a fabulous prize or something.

P.S. Meet my friend, Miss Ambrosia White.
Happy half-day Friday!

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