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Well, since a breakthrough purchase last evening, it feels like the disaster that is my dining room is almost complete. I have to say, I came to a standstill on this particular room and pretty much gave up on finishing the design for the time being. I think it was Sher Dawg from YHL that gave me a kick in the butt to finally open my eyes and look for fabric since I can't find curtains to fit my needs anywhere on this earth. She has been so motivating to me lately with her window dressing journey. Why don't I shut up and post the evidence of my change in heart. Here goes...

This little grouping is my dining room inspiration. There are more traces of animal print in this room. Guilty. I love the linen chairs with the nailhead trim. I actually want another chair like that for the living room since the one that is currently in there actually shoud be residing in the dining room with its sister, but the price on Overstock was higher the last time I looked. They were probably my biggest splurge ever next to our 12 x 12 tiles in the foyer. I actually paid $180 for each chair, but had a 20% of total purchase coupon. Check out the price now. Wom wom...

Becca Linen Dining Chair 
Becca Linen Dining Chair
Today $209.99


Okay enough about the overpriced chairs. Did you notice the fabric? It's a little bit whimsy and a little bit awesome. Those are my new dining room curtains, people! Well, at the point that this photo was taken, it was just a pile of fabric, but they're curtains now! Where? Wal Mart. How much? $3.97 a yard. Why? Because I love 'em.  How do they look? See for yourself...

The print really reminds me of dandellions. I think its playful and fun. My favorite part, besides the cheapness, is that I actually found a light fabric that I really adore. I thought that would never happen. Seriously, less than $20. They're over 90 inches long and they're just perfect, for me the space.

In closing, take a look at what I'll be staring at all day....or just while I'm in there finishing the living room curtains. P.S. I cheated and there was no sewing involved. Not even by hand. Stitch Witchery all the way, baby. Yes, it's an iPhone quality picture. Someday I'll start using a real camera.....but only if it has a cell phone attached.

P.S.S. Guess what we did today? We cleaned out the garage, basement and even our detached garage and shop. We filled a huge trailer with trash...and some things that weren't trash, too, because we're married and we compromise. It's a beautiful thing.

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  1. oohhh love the chiche look of the curtians! What a good feeling that comes with getting things done that you have waited forever to accomplish. Enjoy!