(Disclaimer: See bottom of post for the thrifting find of my life.)

Welcome to the first post in the series to come of "What Didn't I Do This Weekend!?"

Friday evening - successful thrifting + dinner at in-law's + one pillow made

Saturday - second pillow made + laundry + cleaned 1.5 bathrooms + cleaned out laundry room & organized closet + 3 generation breakfast + trip to Lowe's to pick paint for my grandma's room redo and curtains for my mom + purchased Girl Scout Cookies : ) + painted with my grandma + dinner & church 45 minutes away, where we heard from a Pastor from Baghdad - AH-mazing night!

Sunday - laundry + final touches on french door lites + painted and hung stair railing with husband + first coat on corner cabinet + made chicken & waffles for dinner
Monday - painted with my grandma + finished painting trim around french doors + Hubby hung clock in dining room + I hung curtains in dining room + second coat on corner cabinet + finally caved & bought rugs for the kitchen + laundry + The Bachelor festivities
So what didn't you do this weekend? I'm dying to know!!

In other news, the Royal wedding is in 66 days, do you care? Would you take the $16 tour to see Kate's journey towards becoming a princess? Why do they keep calling her family middle class and in the same sentence, mention her dad is a self-made millionaire? That doesn't make much middle class sense to me.

I've put it in the back of my mind, but down the road I'm definitely redoing the guest room upstairs. I painted it last year, but the bedding is from my high school days and so is the furniture. Check out what I found for $16 at the local G Dub:

It's a queen comforter from Tar-Jay, bed skirt, 4 shams...and I paid $16. I was thrilled. The best part is, our guest bed is only a full so a queen comforter will be fantabulous.

I found this super soft miocrofiber sheet set at Ollie's for $12. It ended up being free because I had a $15 merchandise credit. Sweet.

I purchased this faux mercury glass for $3. Love it.
I found this fugly "M" at G Dub for .97. I plan to recover it in a funky fabric.
Okay, so maybe the bedding wasn't THAT amazing, but you looked, didn't you?

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